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More and more, retired people are spending time away from home. If you:

  • stay at a secondary residence,
  • plan on vacationing,
  • travel for medical treatment, or
  • visit long-distance relatives

Well… then a travel protection plan is necessary for you!If your family is faced with your sudden loss, the burden on them, both emotionally and financially, will greatly increase if you are away from home. The costs and details involved with transporting
you to your final resting place can be complicated and especially difficult for those in mourning. If you spend any amount of time traveling or away from home, you need travel protection as a part of your plan. Simply put, with travel protection, you can have the peace of mind to continue to live your life to the fullest without worry.

One phone call and all arrangements are coordinated by a Licensed Funeral Director:

• Covers the total cost of conveyance from any location in the world
• Removes emotional and financial burden on family members
• Protects and aids family members during a most difficult time
• Completes your pre-arrangement plans

By choosing the Treasured Memories® Travel Protection Plan, you are providing your family with an invaluable level of protection and full assistance at what will surely be a trying time. With the Plan in place, you will be satisfied to know that your prearrangement is complete!

The Treasured Memories® Travel Protection Plan removes the burden on your family if death occurs away from home. In the event of the death of the beneficiary more than 100 miles from his or her legal residence, Treasured Memories will fully arrange and pay for the following services:

• Contacting a licensed sending funeral home or mortuary
• Preparation of the remains for transportation
• Transportation of the remains to the funeral home designated by the beneficiary’s representative
• Minimally necessary casket, air tray or urn for transport
• Consular services (for deaths overseas)
• Procurement of death certificates for the area of passing

The Treasured Memories® Travel Protection Plan shields your family from additional costs and complications at a most difficult time. The Plan ensures that all costs involved in transportation from anywhere in the world are included, saving your family thousands of dollars.


The Journey Begins

Are you ready to begin a plan? We are here to help with advice and things to consider.

Pre-planning your own or a loved one’s funeral can benefit you or your family during the highly emotional time following a death. Identifying what you want or helping someone you love get what they want for their final farewell can be a great gift.

It’s also a way to tailor things to your preference. If you’re on this page, we have a feeling that you live that way too. This site is built to help you design your plan.

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