The Best Time to Plan

When is the best time to plan your funeral? The simple answer is now. Here is a list of reasons to go ahead and plan a funeral for yourself or a loved one.

1.) Ease the burden on your family:

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Have you ever had the task of arranging a funeral for someone else? It is a stressful situation in a confusing and emotional time. Having a plan in place for your loved ones helps them through their time of need and gives them something they can be confident in.

2.) Confidence in knowing what will happen:

You will have the confidence in knowing what will happen to your body. You will have also arranged for a ceremony or meaningful service they can experience to accept the loss of you.

3.) Your wishes will be followed through:

Arranging your own plan assures that your wishes happen. When a plan isn’t in place, your next of kin is in charge of what happens after your death. Having a file at the funeral home of your choice gives a clear indication of what you want to happen. This can be as simple as “burial or cremation” or as detailed as the food that is served and what songs are played.

4.) You can assume financial responsibility for your funeral costs:

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Planning ahead enables you to make financial arrangements to cover the costs that will occur with a death. Even if you are leaving behind sufficient money, will your survivors be able to access it? Most funeral homes require a contract to be settled before things are carried out. Funeral insurance and funeral trusts are sound financial planning options you can consider ahead of time. This is a big step in easing the burden on others.